Marvel Superheroes Mystery Mini’s Blind Box (One Random Figure Supplied) Price: £6.24 (as of 25/01/2021 00:15 PST- Details)

Marvel’s mighty superheroes have gone miniature in a new series of Mystery Minis! Mystery Mini Blind Box includes one figure. Figure selection is random. Which one will you get? Collect them all! Possible Figures include: Ultron, Galactus, Deadpool, Thor, Loki, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Thanos, Hulk, Punisher, Captain Marvel, SIlver Surfer, Scarlet Witch, Green Goblin, or Doctor Doom.



A fantastic first series of Mystery Minis featuring the Marvel characters. 16 figures to collect.

Hulk, Thor, Loki, Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Punisher, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Scarlet Witch, Galactus,Phoenix. – CommonThanos and Ultron. – RareLoki with sceptre and Deadpool. – Ultra Rare

The perfect countertop offering.
This is a single blind box containing one figure
Which one will you get?


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