Funko Pop! Movies Jurassic World 2- Blue figure Price: £8.39 (as of 18/07/2019 14:50 PST- Details)

POP! Vinyl
Jurassic World 2
Blue (New Pose)


THE MOST CLEVER GIRL Raptors have been the brightest hunters since the original Jurassic Era and continue to keep us all on our toes well into the modern day.  One would think that being caught by one of these little guys is instant doom… and, generally, they’d be right!  But, so long as you imprint upon them when they’re really little, you have a chance of making a lifelong friend.  That’s going to be exceptionally important when you’re talking about the brightest raptor that ever shined!   FUN DETAILS Make sure that the raptor pack has your back by imprinting on this POP! Movies: Jurassic World 2 Blue Figure.  This tiny raptor features the iconic blue stripe from her big eyes and even bigger bite!  An oversized dinosaur head is usually a bad idea but, this time, it’s just adorable.  Make sure you have Blue on your side before you dare face the rest of the park! THE BEST PART OF YOUR PARK It doesn’t have to require crazy scientific know-how and the right genetic samples of black-throated African monitor lizards to start your own successful Jurassic Park.  All you need is the POP! Blue Figure and you’ll have everyone running… hopefully without the associated screaming.  (Maybe you should bring Owen along, just in case.)  – Vinyl Figure – Display Base

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